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Boulder Vinyl Wraps

With almost unlimited patterns and textures to choose from, a vinyl wrap can be used to add flair and character to your vehicle. With years of experience under our belt, we are proud to say that we are one of the best detail shops for vinyl wraps on the front range.

Boulder Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wrapping film is a flexible material with adhesive on one side that conforms to the curves on your vehicle. When properly installed, it can last for years offering protection for the original surface of your vehicle. A vinyl wrap also offers an affordable way to change the color of your vehicle. With minimal prep, even your old clunker can be brought back to life.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

As seen here, some customers choose to wrap the hood and/or roof of their vehicle in a different color/texture either for added style, or due to excessive sun bleaching of these areas. A neutral carbon fiber wrap works well in these situations.

The choices are almost limitless with finishes ranging from gloss, satin, matte, brushed, metallic, carbon fiber, to “shade shifters,” which change color depending on the incident angle of the light reflecting off the surface.

Although we can install film from any vendor, we recommend: 3M™ Vinyl Wraps and Films; Avery Dennison® Vinyl Films and Wraps; ORAFOL® Films; and Rwraps™ Premium Vinyl Film. Please visit these Websites to see if a particular product appeals to you. We also have sample cards on site if you would like to examine a product in person.

Vinyl Wrap Examples

Carbon Fiber
Color Shifter
Brushed Aluminum

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I had my Porsche Cayman detailed here in July 2019 but forgot to update my review until now. They did an excellent job on the detail and the whole car was made shiny and spotless. I got the Essentials Detail (interior and exterior), plus the clay bar to clean off some oxidation in the paint, and then a wax

- Allen S. - Another 5 Star Rating for Blue Skies

The staff at the works is beyond extraordinary. The attention to detail, to the range of flexibility, to match with honest prices makes this the home for all of my car care needs. Whether it be for a full detail wash, interior details, all the way to vinyl wrap and tint. I just had my Civic tinted and the precision used to make it look perfect...

- TJ BUDDERS - Another 5 Star Rating for Blue Skies

Great work and great customer service. Highly recommend this place.

- Scott Francis - Another 5 Star Rating for Blue Skies

Excellent workmanship AND customer service. I was able to schedule a cleaning easily and quickly, and they were very communicative before, during, and after the appointment. My car has never been cleaner! I don't get my car cleaned much, but anytime I do I'll be bringing it here :)

- Cameron Zahedi - Another 5 Star Rating for Blue Skies